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I’m Louise

A marketing strategist for

female entrepreneurs


how I help you


Who you help

Get clear, and excited, about who that person is that you want to serve


Your message

Say and write the exact thoughts your ideal client has and they’ll be queuing up to work with you.

Grow your email list

Let’s grow your email list with 100s of ideal clients. Not in 1s and 2s.


Content Strategy

Create content that attracts your ideal clients, and repels the ones that aren’t.

Offers that sell

We’ll build your offer that gives your ideal client the result they’re looking for.

Sales mechanism

Get clients enrolling with you through webinars and challenges.

About Me

I have been where you are.

No audience, no email list, no clients. No clue.

I thought if I copied what the gurus were doing on social media, I would get clients. I didn’t.

It wasn’t until learned how to rapidly build my email list by doing collaborative events, that I really started to build a business.

I grew my email list from 0 to 555 engaged subscribers in just six weeks, and then I was on my way! 

I had an email list, an engaged Facebook Group, and…I got clients.

I can help you do the same.