The 1:1 marketing mentorship that takes you from overwhelmed to master in four months.

You’re a Health Coach or Wellness Professional, who’s done the studying, passed the certification, and is ready to help your clients.

Except, the clients you imagined flooding into your business, have never appeared and trying to market and promote yourself feels like a huge struggle.

You imagined:

  • Ideal clients booking in with you while you sleep, because you’re so good at what you do and everyone wants your help.

  • Feeling confident marketing your business and having systems in place that grow your audience with ease.

  • Being unfazed about showing up on social media as the go-to expert you already are.

But what you’re actually thinking is:

“I just want to start working with people already, but I don’t even have a website or an email list!”

“Why is no-one responding to my social media posts? I’m spending hours on them and no-one cares.”

“I thought finding clients would be easy. This feels so hard. How am I going to cover my costs this month?”

“I don’t know what to do. Do I do reels, webinars, trainings, have a Facebook group? All of them? None of them? I feel so confused.”

“Where are my clients? I was supposed to be fully booked, but my diary is growing cobwebs!”

It can feel so frustrating trying to get your business off the ground. 

And it can feel worse when you’re not confident on how to do it.

Helping clients overcome their problem? That’s easy!

Trying to work out which marketing to implement first, and in what order, it’s a nightmare!

You’re not sure whether to do your website first, or stick with social media, or create your lead magnet, or build your landing page, and then there’s automated emails.

And trying to find someone to give you clear answers? It’s impossible. 

There are so many gurus giving conflicting advice. 

One recommends Instagram, another says to do more video, oh look, there’s someone else telling you to start your own podcast.


It’s so confusing and frustrating.

That’s why I love working with talented practitioners like you to get their health coaching business off the ground. Because I have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the right path for you and your business.

How would it feel to have….

  • Confidence that you know how to market and promote your business 

  • Certainty in your system that gives you clients rolling into your business

  • Clarity that you know what you’re doing is working, and if not, knowing how to tweak and test until it does

  • Conviction in what you’re doing so you don’t get sidetracked by the freebies and courses you think you need (but you really don’t)

It’s all possible with my 1:1 private mentorship. I’ll show you how!

You’ll get this in four months.

  • No more downloading every lead magnet available and then getting stuck on peoples’ email lists.

  • No more signing up for every $997 six week course going, thinking they will give you all the answers (they won’t.)

  • No more going down a YouTube rabbit hole trying to find an answer to the smallest question and then ending up watching cat videos.

  • No more just posting on social media to promote your business. Just focusing on growing your following is like building a house on sand.  On someone else’s beach.

Client Testimonial
I created this system to help health coaches and wellness professionals to get their marketing underway in their business. Through no fault of their own, so many wellness professionals complete their training and are ready and eager to start helping people, but then realise they haven’t been taught how to promote and market their business.
So then they start the mammoth task of teaching themselves through blogs, YouTube, lead magnets and online courses, and it’s really hard to piece together all the pieces when you’re starting from scratch.
That’s why I help people just like you. I have the marketing experience and knowledge so you can massively reduce your learning curve and get my support, guidance and instruction on what to do.
You’ll learn the essentials you need to get started, become visible, grow your email list, and get your first clients under your belt.
You can go from not having a clue what to do, to feeling like a marketing expert.

My 1:1 private mentorship is your solution.

Here’s how it works:

My 4 step process helps move you from newbie to expert, with systems in place and confidence that you know how to promote and market your business.

Stage 1 – Marketing Foundations

Here’s where you’ll gain clarity on who you want to help, what problem they have, how you can help solve that problem. 

We’ll work together on your messaging, we’ll create your lead magnet, and your email sequence so your new audience finds out how fabulous you are and why you’re the best person to help them.

More specifically, this may include:

  • Refining your message and ideal client 

  • Setting up your lead magnet and email sequence

  • Creating (or refining) your programs and packages 

  • Setting up / cleaning up your social media accounts

Stage 2 – Content and Visibility

This is alllllllllll about getting your name out there. We will do this in many ways, because the more people find out about you, the more people will grab your lead magnet, and the more clients you’ll get.

I don’t want you to be the best kept secret.

This stage includes social media, but marketing is not just posting on social media.

With your content and visibility we cover:

  • You’ll become confident and savvy with social media, including video!

  • Finding and creating collaborations, even if your audience is zero

  • Creating content that engages your ideal clients on social media

  • Pitching to the media and publications to get your name out into the world

Stage 3 – Connection with your growing audience

To encourage people to invest with you, you need to take them on a journey. They need to get to know you. People buy from people, and when people are investing in their health they want to work with someone they know, like and trust. 

Building that connection is the third stage of the process.

What this will look like:

  • Having a stash of stories you can pull from to build that connection with your audience

  • Writing emails and creating social media content that hits your audience between the eyes

  • Creating your sales page for your fabulous program that your audience can’t wait to sign up for

Stage 4 – Conversion 

Having an audience is great, but you know what’s better?


People seeing real changes in their lives thanks to working with you.

This is the fourth stage, because after you’ve built your connection with your audience we’re going to convert them into buyers. There are several ways to do this, and we’ll work together to get your audience excited and itching to work with you. 

We want your audience to queueing up for your help because they know you’re the best person to help them.

What’s included:

  • Creating and running your 5 day challenge

  • Building a webinar that converts viewers to clients

Over our 4 months together you’ll have:

  • Three 1 hour calls per month

  • Voxer support throughout the week

  • A strategy we’ll work through together that’s bespoke to you

After our time together you’ll have let go of the overwhelm, and will be confident with promoting your business and focused on what to do.

You’ll have gained the knowledge, skills and confidence to promote your business with ease. 

You won’t get sidetracked by shiny new courses and freebies, because you’ll know what works for your business. 

By the end you’ll


  • Be confident on social media

  • Have created your free gift (aka lead magnet), your landing page, and email sequence

  • Have learned how to send emails from your email provider

  • Built a relationship with your audience so they want to hire you

  • Grown and built an email list from zero


Are you ready to shorten your timeline and get your business off the ground?


£2500 pay in full, or £700 per month

Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.
I’m starting out, will this help me?
Yes. This is perfect for you. We’ll work together to set you up online so all your systems are in place. For example email automations, so your audience can grow on autopilot. We’ll also work together to grow your audience so you can start making some money in your business.
I already have a lot of marketing things in place, so how will this help me?
Great. I’ll help you refine what you have, and then we can really get your email list growing. This is where you’ll find new clients as they get to know, like and trust you. Four months gives us time to really get your audience growing, and I don’t just mean in ones and twos.  
What do you get?
When we work together I create a bespoke plan for you and your business. This is created just for you and where you need to go in your business.
We’ll get the systems in place, if you don’t have them, like your landing page, your lead magnet, your email sequence. I will share my screen and show you what to do.
Then we’ll get you in front of your ideal clients. I don’t want you to be the best kept secret. Let’s get the word out and get you working with more of your ideal clients. You’re an expert at what you do, and you want to make an impact, and I’ll help you get in front of more people so you can build the thriving business you desire.
There’s a course I’ve seen which is cheaper
Of course there’s a course that’s cheaper! (There’s always a course being promoted!) Courses can be really helpful, and I’ve bought plenty of them.
But you know what you don’t get with a course? One to one bespoke guidance that’s just right for you and where you’re at.
With me we’ll cover so much more than a course. We’ll get your marketing systems in place, you’ll grow your audience and start converting them to clients. 
If you do a course where you get calls, you’ll get about 30 minutes of the expert’s time in total (5 minutes x 6 calls.) With me you’ll get 12 hours of my time totally focussed on you and your business, and the next steps you need to take.
I know working with someone can feel like a big step. I’ve felt the same. That’s why we always have a free one hour call first to see if it’s the right fit for both of us.
Over our 4 months together you’ll have:
  • Three 1 hour calls per month
  • Voxer support throughout the week
  • A strategy we’ll work through together that’s bespoke to you
The investment for this is £2500 pay in full, or £700 per month.
What will happen if I don’t do it?
You’ll probably see more of the same results you have now. Which might be fine for you. 
But if you want more, let’s have a chat. 
If you know your business isn’t going in the direction you want, let’s have a chat. 
If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to promote your business and get more clients, let’s have a chat. 
Book your free call here


£2500 pay in full, or £700 per month

Why work with Louise

I have over a decade’s experience in healthcare marketing. Since 2015 I have helped wellness business owners to promote and market their business so they can get more clients. I love what I do; it’s fun and it makes a difference. I also love it because I think it’s so important for new wellness professionals to grow their own business.

Before that I worked for six years for a private hospital company, I did a huuuuuge range of marketing there (honestly I was so busy!) I ran national marketing campaigns for the company, I created marketing toolkits for the hospitals to use to promote services like Physio or cardiac care. I created, wrote and edited the company magazine, I managed the annual conference for over 230 people, I would liaise with journalists over good and not-so-good stories, I was responsible for the annual report and I also did the communications when the company floated on the stock exchange. 

In 2014 I left to have a baby and didn’t want to go back to the commute and full time working, and being on call 24/7. 

So now I help people just like you to build their online business.


£2500 pay in full, or £700 per month