Hands up who’d like some free gifts? 🙋

Our host – Louise Mansergh – and the fabulous co-hosts have put together some amazing free gifts you’ll want to snap up.

Your host – Louise Mansergh

Louise shared her 3 layer framework to increasing your visibility, promoting your business and bringing in more clients and patients.

She’s giving away copy of her slides from the webinar and her e-book “How to earn more leads with your blog”

Plus, you can also book a 20 minute Marketing Assessment call where she’ll help you to decide and take the next step to market your business.

Your amazing co-hosts

Leesa Klich

Leesa shared how to put SEO in your blog to help move your website up the Google rankings.

So the next time someone is searching for your services online, they find you.

Leesa’s free gift is her list of 60+ wellness blog ideas you can create in 60 minutes.

Kylie Malcolm

Kylie showed us what content works best on social media and how lead the traffic your content generates, onto your website.

Once they’re on your site she showed us how to capture leads and create a stunningly beautiful, and effective, website.

Kylie’s free gift is: One Month of FREE Content and a Free DIY Coaching Website

This free pack gives you: 20 Social Media Images to motivate your tribe online, a 4 Day Coaching Challenge to boost your engagement and trust factor, and a FREE Coaching website template to convert your visitors and increase your coaching presence

Amy McDonald

Amy showed us how to use social media from a place of service and use it to make genuine connections.

She also shared that you can keep your boundaries and still be successful at social media.

Amy’s free gift is her free 7 part video series all about attracting more students to your classes.

You can find the link on the left side of her homepage

Madeleine Silva

Madeleine taught us how to build our business from our strengths and not our weaknesses.

She shared the four kinds of Healthcare Heroes and the personality traits that they encompass.

Plus she shared how our personalities lead our delivery, client attraction, our creativity and our leadership.

Madeleine’s free gift is the chance for you to find out what type of Healthcare Hero you are, and how this impacts your business.