“When it comes down to it, we will cling fiercely to lack and limitation rather than enjoy the anxiety intrinsic to change.”

This quote came from Secrets of Six Figure Women by Barbara Stanny which I’m listening to on Audible, and it hit me right between the eyes (actually it should be ears, really, shouldn’t it?)

This quote is so true for me.

Yes, we all need to step out of our comfort zone, and I hear that all the time, as do you probably, but hearing this made me stop. And think.

And think about what I haven’t done for fear of change.

“How will my relationship with my other half, Nick, change?”

“What will my friends/family think?”

“What if it means I spend less time with my children?”

“Will it work?”

“What if nobody buys?”

“What if it takes too much time?”

And so on. I think so many of us stick with what feels comfortable, even if it’s a bit rubbish, because it’s familiar, instead of looking fear in the face and doing what we need to do anyway.

But as Jen Sincero says, “when you succumb to fear you are under the illusion that you can predict the future.”

So I just wanted to take a moment to pop in to your inbox and remind you to go for what you want.

Even if it feels uncomfortable.

Just take the first step and go for it. 

I’ll be back later in the week talking about my usual topic – marketing – and how you can increase your audience, for free.