What is marketing?
When I ask this, most people answer with “social media, adverts, events” and so on.
That’s right. To an extent.
Marketing is everything you do as a business owner.
There’s a book by Jan Carlzon called Moments of Truth. I haven’t read it but when I was studying my marketing diploma his theory was talked about a lot!
Jan Carlzon is the former president of SAS, the Scandinavian Airline, and Jan says that anytime a customer interacts with your company is a moment of truth, as this is when they form an impression. An impression can be good or bad, or sometimes indifferent.
A moment of truth can be when someone:

  • Visits your website
  • Uses your online booking system
  • Reads your email
  • Sees a social media post
  • Speaks to you on the phone/skype/in person
  • Comes to your premises
  • Sees your logo
  • Reads your reviews
  • Sees you fast you reply to messages
  • Reacts to the language you use in your emails and messages
  • Discovers how easy it is to make an appointment
  • And so on.

It’s basically any time a person interacts with your company.

So, take a look at where your clients and potential clients interact with your business, and see what you could do to make the process easier, smoother or more enjoyable for them.

If it helps, think about a time when you have a good or bad experience with a company. What was good/bad about it? What could you implement that was good? What would you change for your clients if it was bad? 

We’ve all had terrible customer service at some point, haven’t we? That time when it was easy to pay for something, but when you needed to speak to someone about a refund it was almost impossible to find a phone number or email address. This happened to me last week! 😬

So marketing isn’t just promotion. It’s everything that you do and is everything that affects how people perceive your business.