If you’re not getting the clients and sales that you want or desire, then a huge reason why will be because no one knows who you are and how you can help them.

Take a step back and have a think about what you are actually doing to market your business?  if you are just posting on your social media this is likely not going to be enough, especially when you’re starting out.

I know it’s so easy to feel like you are busy working on your business when you’re creating posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, #insertsocialmediahere.

However this is such a small part about promoting your business, and when you are starting out or when you have a small following, this isn’t going to be enough. You need to be doing more.

So what does more look like?

There are so many ways you can promote yourself and promote your business.

Here are just 10 you can use:

1) Host an event

Think about the service you offer and how you could host an event around this. Could you do an event where you talk for 20 minutes or give a demonstration for 20 minutes, followed by some Q&A and then you can individually to your attendees?

Don’t forget to put in a pitch at the end of your talk about how people can work with you.

At the event make it easy give people the chance to sign up for a free call or face to face consultation with you.

Show the benefits of how working with you all changed your clients’ lives.

2) Host a webinar

As above instead of doing a physical event you can also host a webinar. Bear in mind that your show up rate will probably be lower and engagement will be lower too. People really connect in person when they can see you face to face, and see your personality, your mannerisms, your attitude, your approach etc so your conversion rate of signing up people will be much higher at physical event.

However, there may be greater costs web hosting an event as you will need to find a venue.

3) Create flyers and leave them at events

That are many ways you can use flyers to promote your business.

One way is to leave them at local events and fairs. There are often local markets, farmers markets, baby and children’s markets, family fun days, and all sorts of other events where you can leave your flyers.

You will have to pay a small amount of money to do this but if it’s your ideal market this is an easy low-cost way to promote your business.   

One example of this is if you are an osteopath that can treat babies and children then you can create flyers for a local baby and children’s market. There are lots of markets where parents looking to buy second hand baby and children’s items, hundreds of people attend them and the stall holders will be your market too!

4)  Be on your local radio

If you’re like me you don’t listen that often to local radio a lot of people do including, probably, your ideal customer.

Spend one week day listening to your local radio and listen to what shows they have. There will most likely be a phone in show and other shows where they speak to local businesses and local people about local stories. There is no reason why you cannot be one of those people that they speak to.

Once you’ve worked out what shows speak to local businesses, sit down and have a think about what your hook could be. It could be as simple as just

  • Telling your story about how you have got to where you are today.
  • Linking in with a health event like breast cancer awareness month.
  • Or it could be to disprove an assumption everyone makes about your industry
  • Or it could be too give your opinion on a recent news item that affects your industry.

It has to be interesting. Just saying you have a new website or a new blog post isn’t going to cut it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

5) Get involved in Twitter chats

If you’re on Twitter do some research and find out if your County or town has a Twitter chat. It may well do that then check that it is still active, many are not.

Then commit to showing up every week at the Twitter chance and joining in with the conversation. Make sure you’re interested in everyone’s news and what they’re up to and then at the end give a pitch about how you can have people. Make sure you leave the pitch to the end, don’t do it at the beginning. No one likes Sally Salesperson  pitching her product right off the bat.

6) Be a guest on a podcast

This can work well especially if you don’t need to see your clients face-to-face, as podcasts draw audiences from around the world.

Do some research and find out what podcasts your ideal customer service interview. This can be done just by posting on your social media asking “What podcast do you listen to?”

Find out if they take guests, and what the process is to be accepted as a guest.

if you are accepted as a guest you need to prepare for the interview. Whenever you speak to either a podcast or the media you always need to have your 3 key messages ready and prepared. These are the three things you want to make sure you communicate. So for example if you are a yoga teacher that could be

  1. The benefits of yoga
  2. the type of people you help
  3. how people can connect with you

7) #journorequest

If you’re on Twitter do this search right now. You will see what journalists are looking for. Often a journalist will be tasked with writing a story and will need to speak to an expert on that topic. Sometimes that expert can be you.

Check this regularly so that you are able to respond quickly. Responding the next day is too slow, you need to be quick off the mark. Usually within a few hours.

8) Partner up with another company

Take a look at other local businesses and see how you can partner up with them. For example if you are a yoga teacher could you partner up with a massage therapist and run a Yoga and Massage evening?

Or perhaps the two of you could join up with a beauty therapist and run a Pampering evening?

Or perhaps you’ll write a blog for their website

Or do shout outs on each other’s social media.

Or you can host a virtual event.

There are many ways to partner up.

9) Facebook adverts

This is an obvious way to find your target market quickly.  But there is a definite art to Facebook ads, and it’s one I’m still learning, so I’m not an expert here.

The benefits are that you can be VERY specific about the type of people you want to reach, which is Ah-mazing. However, you have to be sure your message in your ad connects with your audience, and this is what will require quite a bit of testing.

10) Guest post

Try guest posting on a popular website.  Depending on your business, this could be a local blog, or local news website, or it can be a website that serves people all over the world in your niche.

Find out what the process is to pitch a guest post and send them a few ideas of topics you can write about for them.

At the end of the post, make sure you link to a sign up page where people can either grab a download, or book a free call with you.


There you go.

Ten ideas to increase your visibility and stop hding.  This is all good, but pur-lease make sure that whatever you choose, you have a process in place for converting the leads you’ll be generating into sales.

Because that’s what we all want.

More sales.