Potential clients are everywhere.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve “done everything” to find new clients, but you’re just not getting the number of enquiries you want or building a waiting list of clients. If this sounds like you, what can you do?

Keep doing the same things?

Yes, if you want the same results.

Try something new?


Someone who joined my Facebook group a few weeks ago said she wanted to make more sales so I sent her the following tips. (I’ve tweaked a couple of them to make the suitable for most people)

But sharing is caring so I’ve popped them below for you.

1) Email your past clients with special offers

2) Reach out 1:1 to past customers telling them their favourite products are back in stock

3) Remind past customers about your refer a friend scheme

4) Post in local FB groups asking what someone would expect at a XXXX [your specialty] appointment. Their answers will give you a chance to reply and dispel any myths they have. You can then message asking them if they’d like to find out more about what you do.

5) Have a stall at local fetes and fairs

6) Drop flyers at places where your target market is like a Baby and Children’s Market, or Mum2Mum market – they often allow flyers at their events

7) Can you do more videos showcasing the products? Eg do a week of using XXXX?

8) Ask your customers to do a review of the product for your page, and then use that as a FB ad to your FB fans, and website visitors

There are always ways to find more customers, even when you think you’ve done everything! And these are just a few ideas.

I reckon if you spent 10 minutes tonight thinking of new ways to find come clients you’ll come up with 10 yourself too.