The one thing I hear from health and wellness professionals when it comes to marketing their business is
“I don’t really know what I’m doing!”
This then leads to a whole heap of procrastinating, feeling like there’s a gap in your knowledge which leads to signing up for another online course thinking “I don’t know enough, I must learn more.”
Any of this sound familiar?
Now don’t get me wrong. There’s definitely a place for online courses (I’ve learned lots from them, and sometimes felt ripped off. Haven’t we all?)
But there’s also a place for:

  • Having a plan
  • Trying some new marketing tactics to grow your client list
  • Taking a pause before jumping into your next course

Denise Duffield-Thomas talks about procrasti-branding. This is when you waste hours and hours on the colours on your website and business cards, when this should be a quick decision so you can move onto finding clients.

So I’m going to plagiarise her phrase and ask if you’re procasti-learning?  Are you putting off creating a plan, or promoting your business outside of your comfort zone for the safety of another online course?

And let’s be honest here – a lot of online courses are $997, so that’s a whole heap of money being spent on learning, when you could be making money serving your clients.

So, if you have your eye on a course that’s about to close, hold fire and think if it’s what will really serve you and grow your business, before jumping in.  Or are you just being tempted by a new, shiny object?