I have a question for you.
How many times have you enquired about buying something and the company you were buying from didn’t follow up with you?
This could be when you’ve asked about opening times, tried to make a reservation, left a message to book an appointment and so on.
A few weeks ago I was having a problem with the social media scheduling software I use. I sent them an email and they said they’d get back to me. They didn’t.
So I had to chase again to find out what to do, and it turned out the solution was pretty simple (almost as easy as turning it off and turning it on again. Why is that always the answer to tech issues?!)
Anyway, it wasn’t a great customer experience because they didn’t follow up with me.
So what is following up? Following up is sending an email or calling someone who expressed an interest in your services but never became a client. This might be someone who has:

  • Filled in an enquiry form
  • Had an initial appointment or consultation and didn’t have any follow up sessions
  • Had a free call and didn’t buy your product or service
  • Sent you an email

If you have anyone in your database, or email provider who has contacted you but not become a client, reach out to them. Give them a call or drop them an email. Follow up!
Find out how they’re doing. Did they get the answer they’re looking for? Would they still like some help?
Following up works for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s quick!
  2. You already have warm leads (people who are interested in working with you) and it’s easier to convert warm leads to clients than find new people to market to
  3. It helps you build connections with potential clients, and even if they say no now, keep in touch with them and they might say yes next time.

So have a think about people that have contacted you and could become a client, and follow up with them today!