I know, I know, that’s easy for me to say. I’ve been in healthcare marketing for a decade.  But here’s the thing – anyone can do it. Yes, really.
Just remember the fundamentals to marketing are:

  1. Knowing who your audience is
  2. Having a message that connects with that audience
  3. Giving them a product or service they want to buy
  4. Reaching out to them via your marketing tactics (ie social media, ads, events, etc)

Once you’ve got these under your belt then it’s just a case of tweaking and testing and seeing what connects with the people you want to reach.

(A lot of people focus on number 4 first. This one is the last one to do!)

Marketing requires constant testing.  Every time you put a new product or service out into the world, you can learn from what happens. If fewer people buy it than you expected, why was that? What feedback can you get? Were you targeting the right people? What did you say? Were you clear about the benefits? And so on….

Marketing your business is never a “one and done” solution. It’s a constant learning curve where you are testing and tweaking, testing and tweaking.

The thing that underpins these fundamentals is having a plan for promoting and marketing your business.

Knowing what you’re promoting and when you’re promoting it is a massive part of growing a business.  But I know it’s easier to not spent time on planning. It can feel like a waste of time when you’re in the trenches doing all the other things you need to for your business.

This is why I’m running a 5 day Get Your Marketing Sorted Challenge on Monday 12th August. It’s just for health and wellness professionals like you who want to:

– Find out what your ideal clients want from you
– Connect with your ideal clients so they are forming a queue to find out more about you and your offers
– Learn how to promote your business to your ideal clients so you turn more of them from looky-loos into paying clients.

Each day will contain quick, simple, actionable items that will move you forward and help you plan your marketing for the next month.

Plus, when you sign up you’ll get my marketing plan template which as 40 marketing ideas inside.

Join us here: https://louisemansergh.clickfunnels.com/marketingplan

Can’t wait to see you there! 😀