I’ve got an exclusive for you

See? Made you look didn’t it?!

The last few days I’ve received emails from various businesses that have given me an exclusive because I’m on their email list/ a loyal customer. This is what I’ve had:

  • An email offering me first dibs on the heavily discounted range of children’s play products which are not in perfect condition.
  • A discount off year round delivery from Oasis. They offer free delivery for a year for £10. I bought some clothes from there and paid £3 for delivery. They then sent me an email saying if I bought something else by the end of the month I could get year round delivery for £7 (as I spent £3 last time on delivery £3 + £7 = £10)
  • Exclusive access to the Marks and Spencer sale online before it’s opened to the general public. (Next does this as well for their card holders)
  • A discount of 70% off the next round of an online course I did recently.

We all love an exclusive offer because it makes us feel special, and wanted. That’s a really powerful way to treat your clients and patients. Give them something just for them, and they’ll love you in return.

So have a think. What could you offer just for your patients?

A time limited discount off your best selling service? Eg 15% off all sports massages but only if you book by Monday.

A buy 2 get 1 free on a product you sell

Refer a friend and you’ll both receive 20% off

An extra treatment at their next appointment

There are many ways to offer a discount or an extra, so have a think and see what you could offer your patients today.