I’m sat at my desk and I’ve done my “have-to-dos”. I’ve:
Scheduled my FB posts
Scheduled my Facebook group posts 
Gone live in my group
Done my client work
What next?
I have a list of “nice-to-dos”:
Create some new social media graphics
Come up with 10 blog post ideas
And so on.
The thing is, I could just keep drifting like this for the next few weeks or months. Posting on social media and planning a few extra bits to keep myself up to date and ticking over.
Except, I don’t want to.
I know I want to encourage more people into my Facebook Group, where I help health and wellness business owners with their marketing.
And I know I want to do some outreach next month to help more people in more depth.
The best way to achieve both of these is to map out a plan.
So I’m mapping out how I’m going to do that and giving myself deadlines by which to do it.
To plan this out I’m starting at the end.
What do I want to achieve?
250 members in my Facebook Group by 18th October. (I currently have 183)
How am I going to do it?

  • Create a new lead magnet people can pick up, and lead them to my group
  • Promote the lead magnet in other Facebook groups where I’m active and adding value (not just spamming with “Hey! Grab my freebie!”) and with FB ads.

I’m going to do just this over the next three weeks. Yes, I could do loads of different marketing tactics, but I want to just do these two tactics – being visible and running ads – and see what impact they have.

What’s my Lead Magnet going to be about?

Christmas marketing! 🎅🎄

Want to be amongst the first to grab it? Then, come and join my group – The Marketing Hub. 😊

Got your Christmas marketing sorted already? Then keep an eye on your emails and I’ll let you know how I get on and where I’m at by 18th October.