You know those amazing stories we all read about so-and-so guru having a six figure launch? And how they had finally cracked the code and it was due to their systems, automation, content, sales process, webinar and the product they sold?


They can be pretty enticing can’t they?


I don’t know about you but when I read those I’m left thinking “I want that! How do a get it? What trick am I missing?”


Have you thought the same?


Here’s the thing, those stories are amazing, but they’re not the only way to find clients online.


And running a launch isn’t the easiest thing to do.


There are so many moving parts and they ALL need doing. Warming up your audience, creating the challenge, creating the webinar, creating the sales page, setting up the method to take payment, writing all the emails and posts throughout the whole process.


Then there’s the anxiety you might feel about how it’s going and whether you have the number of people interested at the front end for you to reach your sales target at the back end.


It’s tiring, exhausting and can be an emotional rollercoaster.


You know what six and seven figure entrepreneurs also do to make sales?




Yes. Really.


How do I know?


Because I’ve had DMs from three 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs.



Here’s what I’ve received…


I followed Christina Jandali on Instagram.  A few days later a member of her team sent me a video where she asks “Thanks for the follow. What had you reach out to connect?”


That’s it.  Then it’s up to me to respond and start a conversation. (I know her, so we had a quick chat)


Next up is Suzy Ashworth.  She followed me on Instagram so I followed her back and this is what I got..


“Hey Louise, thanks for the follow! Loving to vibe of your page, how long have you been a coach? – Katie from teamsuzy”

I’ve been chatting with her team and they’ve let me know about her free Facebook group and the free 5 day challenge she has that’s coming up.



Then I got a comment from Amy Yamada on one of my FB posts.  I’m in one of her Facebook Groups and I suspect she’s gone through the members of her group to see who could be a potential client for her. She went to my Facebook page and commented on one of my videos…

Now I didn’t actually get the DM from Amy. But that’s not important here.


Here’s the thing that’s most crucial about all these people.


Even though they’re “successful” with thousands of people following them, they, or their team still go into the DMs.




To build connection.  It’s not about making the sale right away (Heck, they’re doing really well. They don’t need to make a sale right away!)


It’s about giving value, helping someone, getting to know someone, so that when an offer is made that person is more open to it, more willing to think “this is what I need.”


Connection and trust is what makes people buy. It’s not the sales page or the webinar. It’s everything you do.


So how can you build connection with your followers today?