On 11th March 2019 I held the Health and Wellness Business Accelerator, a 3 hour livestream with four other amazing co-hosts – Leesa Klich, Madeleine Silva, Amy McDonald and Kylie Malcolm.

It was the first time I’d ever collaborated with anyone (I know, I started with an easy one – 4 other people and three hours long!) and I learned a lot from doing it.

So, what did I learn?

Everything takes ages the first time
Everything had to be built from scratch. The emails to go out to find co-hosts, the registration page, the thank you page, the emails for the co-hosts to send to promote the event, all the social media graphics for me and the co-hosts to use, the follow up emails, and so on.

The registration page took me the longest of all the tech issues! At one point I spent 45 minutes on a button as a could not get it to format how I wanted. 45 minutes on a button?!?! *holds head in hands*

Finding the co-hosts was undoubtedly what took me the longest time overall. I had to work out who would be best for my audience, and think about who I knew already that I could work with. I reached out to people I didn’t know, and most of the time I heard nothing back.

Things happened outside my control
I have two sons – a four and two year old. My four year old came down with chicken pox just as I was reaching out to find my co-hosts. Chicken pox lasts a week, then two weeks later my two year old got it.

This meant they could not go to nursery so they were at home with me, and I lost several days’ work, so I was catching up in the evenings and grabbing a few hours when I could. It was a little stressful, but I focused on the essential things that needed doing, and got there in the end.

Use your connections
I often think I don’t know that many people, but I know now that I knew enough people to get the Business Accelerator off the ground.

The first thing I needed to do was find four other people to be my co-hosts. I knew Leesa Klich through my group. She’s shared her amazing blog posts before and I knew she’d be great. I asked her to get involved and she said yes!

A friend from the mastermind group I’m in referred me to her friend, a fertility specialist and she introduced me to Madeleine, and she said yes too!

Then it was onto reaching out to people I didn’t know. I contacted 23 people in total asking if they wanted to be involved. Most didn’t reply. Some were initially interested, but then decided it wasn’t for them. Fortunately Kylie and Amy liked what they heard, we chatted and they said yes too.

And I had my four co-hosts. Getting that part done felt great, and I felt very humbled that these amazing women wanted to collaborate with me.

Persistence pays
I had to keep emailing and messaging people asking them to be involved. Some days I would hear nothing, but I knew I had to keep going and that my co-hosts were out there. Somewhere. I just had to find them.

Be prepared
On the day of the livestream I was practising my talk, but I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to practise, so that felt a bit stressful.

Then, 30 minutes before we went live, I went to get my blouse and top I wanted to wear and I realised the top was sitting inside my washing machine. Wet. I quickly had to find something else, but that was a stress I could have totally avoided. Next time I’m getting the outfit ready a week in advance!

On the livestream
Prior to the livestream I had imagined myself sitting down with 30 minutes to go, running through the final checks and getting settled.

In reality, I was frantically trying to find an outfit, throw on some make up, and when I sat down – thinking I had a couple of minutes to spare – I realised it was 9pm and time to start. I literally had no time to get myself sorted!

So I sat down, clicked the start button and away we went. I introduced everyone and was super excited to get it underway. Madeleine was the first person to talk and I started making notes. But as she began her presentation my hands started shaking like crazy.

My body had given itself a shot of adrenalin like nothing I’d experienced. I was totally unprepared for it. I tried tapping under my desk to calm me, and breathing too. After about 20 minutes the shaking slowed down and eventually stopped but that was something I was not expecting.

Another mistake I made was that I left my microphone on during the first break! But hey, we all do things like that sometimes, right?

Would I do it again? Absolutely. It was brilliant. I got some amazing feedback from the people who were watching, and I know it helped so many people grow their business, which is brilliant.

I learnt so much, not just from the process, but also from the co-hosts. As I’ve already done it once, the second time will be much easier. In fact, I got a message from someone last week saying they want to be a co-host next time!

So keep your eyes peeled for my next livestream!