How do you feel about social media for your business?
“Urgh. I hate it. I wish I didn’t have to do it.”
 “It feels like homework and I thought I’d left that behind at school”
“I love it. You can’t get me off it. I’m on there all the time!”
“It’s ok, but it’s a bit of a struggle. Constantly thinking of what to post, when to post, what to say, scheduling posts and so on. It takes up so much band width.”
“What’s social media?”
Ok, I’m guessing you’re not saying the last one!
Seriously though.
I have a love hate relationship with it.  
I love doing videos in my group and giving out helpful advice and tips.  I love creating content for my clients, and creating videos for them too.  I love mapping out what we’re promoting and creating content around that.  I love being active in groups and helping others.
What don’t I love?  The point where I struggle is when I don’t have a clear plan. Every Monday I schedule my posts for my page and group, but if I’m not clear on what I want to talk about, this is when it feels like homework.
The worst is when I’m sat looking at a blank page searching for inspiration, and I feel like I’m trying to think up something witty and interesting when I’m just not inspired. This is when I’ll start getting distracted:
“What shall I have for lunch?”
“My desk is looking a bit messy. I need to tidy it.”
“I’ll just have a quick scroll on Facebook.”
The last one is the death knell to creating content and I’ll get stuck down the news feed rabbit hole, only to surface 30 minutes later wondering where the time went.

(I’m not the only one that does this, right?!)
So how can it get better?

  1. Focus on who you can help. Not how you feel about it. That makes it much easier to come up with content
  2. Share your story. If you’re stuck for what to say give some insight about yourself
  3. Have a plan. Plan what you’re going to be promoting over the next quarter and create your content around that. No plan = no ideas.

These are just a couple of tips that I’ve found helpful for me with social media.

But there are loads of things you can do with it. It’s such a versatile medium for telling your story and it’s worth spending some time on it to get it right.

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