You have a health or wellness business. You have clients or patients, but not as many as you’d like.  You feel like you are doing some of the right things to promote your business, but for some reason, it’s not working well enough.

If you’re not getting the volume of enquiries you’d like, or need, it’s usually because of one of these four reasons.

1) You don’t know who you’re talking to.

Who is the person you want to treat and help get better? Is it office workers with lower back pain? Is it sports enthusiasts laid low with an injury? Is it mums-to-be who need an antenatal massage?

To understand who your ideal client is, answer these questions:

What’s their name?


Where do they live?

Do they have a family (married, children, how old are the children?

What’s their job title?

What’s their annual salary?

What’s their education? (School, uni, professional qualifications etc)

What books do they like to read?

What websites do they like to read?

What online experts do they like to follow?

What are their 2-3 business goals?

What are they struggling to achieve in their business?

What fear or frustration does your ideal client want to go away?

Why would they decide not to buy from you?

Why would they want to buy from you?

If you don’t know all the answers, make a good guess, it’ll be better than none at all, and you probably have a fairly good idea of what to answer.

I know what you’re thinking, “but I help all sorts of people! I can’t choose one!”

I know everyone can benefit from your help, and you already have a range of clients that present with different issues, but to start with, pick one. Pick the one type of person that comes to you most often. Once that is done, then move onto the next one and so on.

2) You don’t know what to say

You know who you’re talking to, but what are you saying to them in your marketing? This can be the posts you put on social media, what you say on your website or brochure, what your emails say, and any other ways you’re communicating with your clients.

Is your message connecting with them and their problem that needs solving?

What you say should be about your potential client and how you help them. Don’t talk about your experience, your products, your training, the location etc etc.  Make it all about the pain your potential client is experiencing and how you help with that.

Most people can take an element of pain, but there becomes a point when it is too painful, and it is this point that you want to craft your message around.

Think about what your clients have said to you when they come to their first appointment or session. This will also give you information you can use in your emails, website, adverts and other marketing you do.

It isn’t enough to talk about what you do. You need to talk about why someone needs to see you.

People in pain long to be understood and know that an expert (ie you!) can help them.  If you’re not communicating this they’ll move onto someone who is – and we don’t want that!

Oh, and use this message every time you communicate with potential clients. 😊

3) A product or service that your audience knows it needs and wants

This is pretty self explanatory. Are you offering what your potential clients want?

Do you sell packages or a group of sessions? Is there a discount if someone buys a set number of sessions? (For example, buy 10 get a 20% discount off the price).

Are you offering the same service as your competitors? What could you do to make it stand out more?

If you’re a yoga teacher, try running classes of different lengths for different clients. Offer a discount if people buy a group of sessions.  There are many ways to design a product or service that meets the needs of your ideal client, and if you’re not getting the number of enquiries you’d like, this is something you can look at.


4) A way of getting your message to them

We’re at the final hurdle!

You know who you’re talking to.

You know what to say to them

You have a product or service that they need and want.

Now you need to find a way to get your message about your product to the right audience. This is the fun part!

Depending on your audience there are many different ways to reach them, including:

  • Events or workshops you can host
  • Facebook adverts
  • Produce flyers and do a door drop
  • Send regular emails
  • Get featured in your local media
  • Build relationships on social media
  • Run a challenge online
  • And so on…..

Whatever you think will work best, just get started.  It’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis and not do anything. Pick one, give it a go, see what results you get, and think about why you got those results. (It’s so important to understand why you got those results)

Then refine it and do it again!


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