Marketing your business can feel complicated, especially when you’re not an expert at it. List building, funnels, landing pages, ROI, SEO, doing lives, doing stories, emailing, collaborating, webinars, guest blogging, vlogging, doing your own blogs and so on and so on.
It can make you feel 🤯🤯🤯
So, if you don’t yet have waiting list of clients here are a few basics I recommend you focus on:

  1. Be visible on social media. Post on your Facebook page, but don’t just leave it there, cost nobody’s going to find you if you’re just posting on your page. You need to find and connect with other people on there. One way to do that is to join Facebook groups that contain your ideal customer and get involved in the conversations in there. Answer questions, find out about people, connect, make contacts, give tips and showcase your awesome knowledge and the difference you can make.
  1. Build your email list. Yawn. I bet you’ve heard this before, but it’s so true as it’s the most valuable marketing asset you’ll truly own. Offer an amazing free download and when the weekly promo threads come up in the groups you’re a part of, tell people about your freebie. If you can’t create one quickly enough, offer a free 20 minute call with you to help someone take their next step.

Once you have an email list, send an email at least once a week. It doesn’t need to be long, but commit to saying hello every week. You can tell a story about something that happened to you and bring it back to your business, you can share a client win, you can share your own wins, you can share what you’re promoting or anything else you’d like to talk about.

  1. Create new content regularly. This could be a blog, vlog, Facebook live and so on. A five minute video is fine. You don’t have to start big, just jot down a few ideas of what you could talk about, and start with the first one.  And, once you have done this you can use this content on your social media, in your emails and on your website. 

Once these are up and running (and it won’t take long), you’re growing your email list, being visible and making offers, then you can start looking at other things like webinars, podcasts, guest blogging etc etc.