The other day I went to collect my two children from nursery. I have two boys – Ben and Tom. Ben is 3 and a half years old and Tom is 18 months old. When I was there I was speaking to the ladies that look after them and one of them said that they had been chatting to Ben about jobs.

They asked him, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” He said, “I want to be a firefighter.” Which is true he does want to be a firefighter when he grows up. They then asked him, “what does Daddy do?” He said, “He’s a pilot.” Which is also true, his dad flies planes. They then asked him what does Mummy do? Ben replied, “Mummy does washing up and things like that.”

My initial reaction was to laugh because it’s really quite funny. On the other hand it’s a bit cringe that my son thinks all I do is washing up. However, overall, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that he is cared for, he’s loved, he’s safe, he’s happy, he’s learning, he’s playing and he’s doing all the things that young children should be doing.

The other reason it doesn’t matter is because he’s not my target market. It doesn’t matter that my three and a half year old thinks all I do is washing-up.

What matters is the people that I’m trying to reach know what I do. So, if you don’t know I help health and wellness business owners to get more clients, so they can build a thriving business without spending countless hours learning and doing their own marketing.

This got me thinking.

What are you doing to get your message out to your target market?

What are you doing to make sure that you are speaking to the people that you need to be speaking to?

Are you posting in local Facebook groups?

Are you connecting with local people on Twitter or Instagram?

Are you regularly emailing your past clients?

Are you giving presentations and talks?

Do you offer refer a friend schemes to your clients?

Are you updating your website regularly with a blog that you’re then promoting in your local area, whether that’s with local media or social media?

Are you being proactive to help get those clients and through your door? Because if you’re not then your target market doesn’t know who you are, doesn’t know what you can do, and doesn’t know how you can help them.

So my advice to you is to take a look at what you’re doing to promote your business and think of three actions you could take today to grow your business.

It might be something simple like:

  • Schedule the next fortnight’s Facebook posts and tweets
  • Find local Facebook groups that you can post in
  • Find local Twitter chats that you can join
  • See what local hashtags you can use on Instagram
  • Take a look at your local newspapers and magazines, see what they write about, and think about what you could send to them that would get you featured in your local press.

So have a think, sit down now and just write 3 things that you could do, and do them today!