Are you starting to panic that you’ve not got enough clients coming through your door? Do you look at the empty appointments in your diary and wonder where your next patient is coming from?

Often times people who work in healthcare are great their jobs but marketing, less so. Sometimes promoting yourself feels awkward and uncomfortable and as a result you don’t have the flow of patients that you should have.

Here are 5 reasons why you don’t have the volume of patients that you should.

You’re not promoting yourself consistently

We all know that we need to be marketing ourselves consistently. This can be either with a regular blog post, a regular email, regularly posting on social media, holding regular events and so on. There are a lot of things that you can do regularly that will help build your profile.

Pick one thing you know you should be focusing on (you’ll know what it is. It’s the thing on your to do list you keep putting off!) and commit to doing that one thing daily, or weekly, but do it consistently!

You’re not clear on what you want potential clients to do

You may know what products or services yourself but do your potential customers? When you’re posting on social media do you tell people what you want them to do? Do you have a Call to Action? Do you say “make an appointment with me” or “click here to make a booking” or “download my top tips to find out how this can help you”? There are so many ways to ask somebody to take an action, are you asking people to do this?

If you don’t tell people what you want them to do they won’t know what to do.

Scattergun approach

There are so many ways to reach an audience.  It’s tempting to try them all. So one week you’ll be posting on your Facebook page, then you’ll be tempted over to Twitter for a few weeks, then you’ll think everyone else is on Instagram so I should be there too and you’ll try that for a few weeks.

The result? You’ll end up with nothing!

Pick social media and get really good at that before you start posting on another.  Most people start with Facebook and many just end there, but whichever you choose you will find potential clients and customers. People are everywhere on all sorts of social media so whatever you choose, if you stick with it and be consistent, you’ll find potential clients on there.

Who is your ideal client?

How well can you answer this question? Many people who work and health and wellness feel that everyone would benefit from seeing them. But that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to see you, all that you should be trying to target everyone. As Mark Schaefer says you’re not pizza so don’t try and appeal to everyone.

Pick one type of customer and talk to them only. Once you have got a flow of clients that match this profile then you can start to widen it. For example if you are an Osteopath then you will be helping lots of people with lower back pain, mostly caused by not moving enough and working at a desk. So think about what other characteristics these people have and talk to them through your marketing.

You don’t have a plan

Remember when you’re at school and as your exams were approaching, you would write a revision plan for all the revising you had to do in order to be ready for your exams? Or was that just me?!

Promoting your business is no different. You need to have a plan so you know what you’re doing and when. Not only does this mean that you know what’s coming up, but it makes life so much easier.  

Your social media posts, your emails, your events and whatever other marketing tactics you are doing should all be in this calendar so you know what you’re saying and when.

If any of this sounds familiar and you’d like a strategy and plan to promote your business, let me know. We can set up a free 30 minute call where I’ll give you some tactics to get you going. (And if you’d like to take things further and really have someone make a difference to your business we can talk about that too!)