If you feel like you’re doing the same things over and over – you’re saying the same things, you’re using the same images, you’re doing the same tactics, you’re constantly posting on social media, you’re sending out the same type of emails, it can feel sooooo boring.

So here are five marketing tactics that you could introduce today to freshen things up a bit.

1) Testmonials

Testimonials, success stories, happy clients – whatever you want to call them, these are stories from your past clients who’ve seen a transformation as a result of working with you.  These stories are gold and can be used in a huge number of ways…

The first thing to do with happy clients once they start to see a difference as a result of your work, or once you’ve finished working with them, is to ask them if they can leave a review on your Google listing and/or Facebook page.

If you’ve built a good relationship with a client, ask them if you can spend 10-15 minutes with them and ask them about their experience.  Ask them questions about:

  • what their life was like before working with you
  • what prompted them to work with you
  • their experience of working with you, and
  • what their life is like now.

You want to be able to show a transformation in your client and how you’ve contributed to that. You can then use these on your website, social media and emails, and these stories will do a lot of the selling for you.

The next level for using testimonials is to send them to the media – newspapers, magazines, radio and tv.

Let’s imagine you want your client to be in your local magazine. These publications love stories about people and transformation, so if you have a good story written up that shows a brilliant transformation, send it to your local magazine or newspaper and emphasise how you’re a local business that’s helped a local person.  The local angle is important here for a local publication.

The one caveat with sending testimonials to the media is that the transformation has to be significant.  Helping someone to lose weight is good but not of interest to the press.  Your client needs to have had a radical change for it to be of interest.  If they’ve lost weight, and now have a new confidence that’s meant they’ve since set up a charity – that’s a good story.  In my previous job we had a lady who had painful varicose veins, she had them treated and went onto complete several marathons, and she was featured in her local media.

You’ll also want to have photos to go with your story that you send to the media.

Then once you’ve got your media coverage, you can use this on your website, on your sales pages, in your emails and on your social media –  “As featured in XXXX”

2) Ask for referrals

If you want some new clients quickly, ask your current or past ones to recommend you or see if you can put together a referral scheme for your clients.

Hairdressers are great at running refer a friend schemes, so have a think about what you could do.

  • Could you offer a discount to each person?
  • Could you give shopping vouchers to the client who’s referred you?
  • Could you offer a free sample of a product to each person?
  • Could you give a free session to the current client?

There are many ways to run this scheme.  But, check your healthcare association before you do this. Some healthcare associations, especially in the US, do not allow you to incentivise your clients for referrals.

3) Work with a local blogger


This is a good one! In your local area, you will probably have several local bloggers – people who write a blog about their life in your community. Often these bloggers are mums, but sometimes they’re people who write about diet and fitness, or they write about their lifestyle, or a business blogger. You get the picture – there are all sorts of bloggers!

To find your local bloggers go to Google and search “blogger and your local area”. Ask in local Facebook groups, “Does anyone know of any local bloggers that are worth following?”  See what kind of results you get and then read these local blogs. See what they’re writing about and see if it’s worth inviting them to come to you and to sample your product or service.

You could ask them to a free appointment, they could attend the class, they could try your four week programme.  Think about what you offer and what you’d be happy to offer for free (bloggers will expect your service for free at a minimum).

Then invite that blogger to experience your product and ask them to write it up in their blog. They will probably be receiving offers like this quite a lot, so emphasise what you have in common – you’re a local business, you really enjoy what they’re writing, you love their perspective on such and such, you thought their blog on xyz was hilarious or brilliant and you’d love to invite them to come and experience what you do.

The worst that’s going to happen is you don’t get a reply. That’s literally the worst thing that will happen.  But they might reply, and say yes!

They’ll then write up their experience with you which will go out to their readers, and should go out to their email list too.

4) Facebook Stories and Instastories

You’re most likely already on Facebook, so take a look at doing Facebook stories, and Instastories if you’re on Instagram. These are short videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can do Facebook stories so you can start doing little videos where you talk on your phone where you give:

  • Quick tips
  • Snippets of information
  • Say how your day has gone
  • What you’ve learned today
  • A breakthrough you’ve had with a client
  • And so on…

You can add stickers, graphics and gifs onto those to liven them up. If it’s not your style adding those extras then you don’t have to, but that’s just something that you can do.

I’ve heard Facebook and Instagram gives priority in the newsfeed to people who do stories, so if you start doing those, you should see an increase in your reach and engagement.

5) Get featured by the media

This is one people often don’t even consider, but it’s a great way to reach a large audience, fast.

There are lots of ways to get your name or face onto radio, TV, magazines and newspapers but one of the quickest is to go to Twitter and search #journorequest.

There you’ll find the stories journalists are working on right now and need help with. They might need help with research or they might be looking to quote someone.

Take a look and see if anyone’s writing about your area of expertise.  You can narrow your search too, so if you’re a yoga teacher search “#journorequest, yoga” or if you’re a nutritionist search “#journorequest, nutritionist” and so on.

So, if you feel like you’ve tried everything to market and promote your business, there are always new things to try, and here are just five ideas.