About me


Thank you for joining me here.  Make yourself at home, have a cup of tea, and pull up a chair.

Sooooooo, about me. This is the part of the website where I make it sound like it’s all about me, when really it’s all about you.

The reason it’s about you, is because I know what it’s like being you.

I know what it’s like being a small business trying to promote yourself and not being sure which tactics to use, at which time, to get the best results.

You see, I spent six years working for a private hospital company that had 37 private hospitals, all of which were small businesses in their own right. It was my job to help support them with their sales and marketing plans, and to also run national marketing campaigns that they could all implement locally.

Marketing, blah blah

You see, marketing can seem pretty complex, and there can be so much jargon thrown about – online marketing, content marketing, offline marketing, click through rates, cost per click, native advertising, lead magnets, big data, news jacking, and so on – but the essence of marketing really comes down to four things:

  • Knowing your objective
  • Knowing who you want to sell to
  • Having a message that connects with that audience
  • Reaching that audience, with your message, through the right marketing channels

And it’s my job to help you do that.

Extra, extra, read all about it (aka my story)


So we can get to know each other a bit better here’s a bit of my background in marketing:

Early days

My introduction to marketing came in 2005 when I was on a working holiday visa and temping in Sydney, Australia.  I had the glamorous and envious job of deleting old contacts from the database for an investment bank, which I did for 9 hours a day, five days a week. Whilst it wasn’t the most exciting job, I met some lovely people and got my first experience of marketing (Plus, as it was an investment bank, and as it was pre-2008 banking crisis I had a free breakfast every morning, free snacks and free drinks. What more could a backpacker want?!)

After that I came home and starting thinking I needed to become a “grown up” (which is still on my to-do list) and get a proper job.  I started working for an international HR consultancy as a temp in the PR and Events team where I started learning the basics in both these areas.  After several months temping I moved onto an accountancy firm in their PR team.  It was here I got to grips with writing a huge range of content including press releases, awards submissions and pitching to journalists.

The crash

However, the year was now 2008, banks were falling apart, falling down or just plain running out of money, and after just over a year there, the company had to tighten its belts and I was made redundant.  It was the first, and only, time I’ve lost my job, and to be honest I felt pretty wretched initially.  (I literally cried on my boss’s shoulder.)  The lowlight was during one of those dreaded consultation meetings where they went through the handful of jobs available in the company, none of which I was suitable for, and then said as I was no longer an employee I couldn’t come to the Christmas party (not that I’d wanted to go at that point but anyway…..!)

Onwards and upwards

Onwards and upwards to the next step on the Marketing Communications ladder, I then took a job working for a private hospital company in their head office as a Marketing and Communications Executive and then later became their Marketing and Communications Manager. It was here I really cut my teeth in marketing and supporting others with their growth plans. It was a really busy job and I met some great people. I learned a lot too, and whilst I was there I:

  • created marketing campaigns and toolkits
  • led marketing workshops
  • was responsible for the annual report and PR for the company
  • led on crisis PR
  • was editor for the company magazine
  • responsible for the company annual two day conference for 230 people.

Throughout this time I also took the Diploma from Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), and then Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

But after six years at the same company, and a baby, it was time to leave and set out on my own.  So here I am.  And here you are.

I’m grateful you’ve read this far, so why not tell me a bit about you? What’s your biggest frustration with your marketing at the moment? Just drop me a line I’ll get back to you with some ideas.

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I love marketing and learning about marketing. I love reading about it, listening to podcasts when I’m doing the washing up – such a glamorous life I lead! – , learning as much as I can and putting that into practice.  I love helping my clients grow their business, and I’d love to do the same for you.

(I also love leopard print, cake and Homes Under The Hammer, but that’s not really relevant!)