Today we’re talking about the four things that you have to get right in your business.

These are really the four elements that you would have in a marketing strategy. The fourth one is the fun one and the one you are probably working on. But unless you’ve got the first three, don’t start working on the fourth.

1) Audience

You want to know who you’re talking to.

This is your ideal customer. So, apart from the obvious things like giving them a name, knowing their age, their occupation, where they live, what they do, what their family is like,the books they read and the TV that they watch etc etc.

The two things that you really want to consider about with your ideal customer is

What pain are they in?

What are they afraid of?

Their pain

For example, if you are a Dietitian or if you’re a health coach, then maybe somebody is struggling to lose weight? If you’re an osteopath, it might be that somebody’s got back pain

Their fears

Think about what is their fear about solving their problem? Is it cost? That they’ll be going out of their comfort zone? Do they think it’ll take a long time? Do they think that it’s not going to work for them?

Think about the things that you’ve spoken about before with your past clients and you should be able to get quite a lot of information to go into what their pain point is and what they’re afraid of.

Knowing their pain and what they’re afraid of is what you’re going to use in your messaging.


2) Your message

Your message is really important because you want to connect with those pain points and with these challenges so that you connect with your ideal customer.

What is messaging?

It’s what you write on your website

It’s your social media posts

It’s your emails

It’s your flyers

It’s any content you create that connects with the pain and the challenges that your ideal customer is experiencing. This is really important because if the two don’t marry up, then you’re not going to be reaching the people that you want to be reaching.

3) Your product or service

What product do you have that is what your ideal customer wants?

You probably have a range of products and customers so start with your biggest one. Start with the one that brings in the most money at the moment.

So what does your ideal customer want to buy from you? What does that look like? Is it a package of sessions or classes? Is it online? Is it offline? Is there a discount? How does it work?

Look at what your product is and how your product can help your ideal customers. Be aware that you may need to tweak it. (To be honest you’ll probably need to tweak all of these things because you’re not going to get it right first time.)

But the more you do it and the more you practice, then the better you’ll get.

4) Promotion and marketing

The fourth thing that you’re going to need is your marketing strategy. What marketing channels are you using to reach your ideal customer with your message, where you sell your product.

So this is the stuff where lots of us focus and spend lots of spend our time learning about.

It’s things like Facebook, the social media posts, your social media, running Facebook ads, hosting webinars, doing landing pages, setting up in person events, getting media coverage, etc etc.

There are all sorts of ways that you can reach your ideal customer.

To be honest, people are everywhere, especially the on social media. So you just pick one and once you’ve got your ideal customer, you’ve got your message and you’ve got your product right, then the rest of it will fall into place.